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Did you just hear someone say "I attack your Snakes for Hair with my Arm with Wood Tied to It for 7 damage"? Well, someone near you is playing Monster Us!

Monster Us - a card game battle between two or more players! Assemble a monster using Parts cards, and attack other players part by part. Cause the most damage to win the game!

Print out the Rules sheet and the provided Parts cards - there are 70 of them ready-made, just for you! - or create Parts of your own! Grab a d12, a d6, and some little trinkets to represent damage, and you're ready to go!

The game is simple - attack other players, part by part, with your own parts. For example, "I attack your Shark Head with my Fuzzy Baby Kitten Toe Bean Foot for 5 damage!"

You may defeat the Shark Head and capture it for points, or (in Hard mode) add the Shark Head to your own monster to create a mega-monster of doom!

But watch out - your attack also hurts you with recoil!

There are three possible win conditions depending on if you would like to play a short game, a medium to long game, or a potentially infinite stalemate that could last you a train ride to Chicago and back or something.


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